Portable Retinal Imaging System




D•EYEvet is a portable retinal imaging system that easily attaches to a smartphone (Apple 5 and 6 or Samsung S4 and S5) to create a fundus camera. This phone’s camera lens is enable to capture images and high-definition videos of the interior of the eye.




  • Eliminatescorneal glare

  • No power supply or additional light needed

  • Portable




  • Images and high-definition videos recording of the fundus examination




  • IOS or Android based applications




  • Non-invasive, safe and ergonomic



  • Direct exploitation trough smartphone (storage, exchange of pictures, communication


Designed for
iPhone & Galaxy

The D•EYEvet application is available for Apple IOS and Android.

D•EYEvet is compatible with the following smartphones :

available phones big


User Instructions

D•EYEvet is an economical portable retinal imaging system that allows to share pictures and data through Cloud D-EYE ImageVaultTM service (conform to the HIPAA for diagnostics made by different medical specialists worldwide).

D•EYEvet can detect the following symptoms :
• Glaucoma
• Diabetic Retinopathy
• Age-related Macular Degeneration
• Blood vessel abnormalities
• Eventual hemorrhage
• Visual defects
• Neuritis
• Cotton wool spots
• Hypertensive retinopathy

Very practical for :
• Visualizing the head of the optic nerve
• Observing neurological troubles linked to the eye
• Diagnosing animals easily, without anesthetize them

More characteristics :
• Field of view of more than 20°
• Completely portable. Required no external power or lighting
• Capture a picture everywhere and share it instantaneously with other specialists on the Internet
• Ergonomic and practical
• Non-invasive
• Eliminates corneal glare
• High-definition pictures
• Images and high-definition videos recording
• Private and secured system of storage thanks to our Cloud
• IOS and Android compatibility

Use :
The lens of the D-EYE, fixed directly on the smartphone, gives the opportunity to capture videos and HD-images of the interior of the eye of different animals. The lens uses the LED of your IPhone (5/5s or 6) or Samsung (Galaxy S4 or S5). The examiner positions the lens of the camera in front of the retina and can start to record. Then, it is possible to send pictures on our private and secured Cloud “ImageVaultTM” for storage.

Instructions – Step by step :
The D-EYE system is very easy to use. Once the application has been downloaded and installed on your smartphone, you just have to :
1./ Put the cover D-EYE around your smartphone
2./ Fix the lens on this cover. This is magnetic
3./ Start the D-EYE application
4./ Enter the data concerning the animal
5./ Position the camera in front of the eye and start to record
6./ Save datas. They're available in your archives